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Transform the way your team searches for information with AskYourData, a ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant trained in your internal data and processes.

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Discover in 90 seconds how to reinvent the way you work with your internal documents

Find information from your documents in seconds

Give your team immediate and effortless access to your company information. Stop endless scrolling through documents to find the answer. AskYourData finds it for you.

  • Immediate access for all your employees
  • Single access to many sources
  • Follow-up questions and clarification

Chat in natural language, like with ChatGPT

Access multiple sources at once with no IT knowledge needed. Stay focused and quickly find information in any language through a clutter-free chat.

  • No IT knowledge needed
  • Q&A or chat interface
  • Interaction in any language

All the powerful features you need


Security First

AskYourData is developed by Blindspot AI, a member of Adastra Group with over a decade of experience delivering AI-powered products for global clients. Your data is treated with top security.


Fully customizable

AskYourData be customized to meet your company's changing needs and security requirements as your business grows and evolves.


AI Model Selection

AskYourData allows you to switch between different AI models, from ChatGPT to other open-source LLMs. This ensures you always get the best result.


API & Integrations

AskYourData lets you add custom data sources to the enterprise search software using our API. You can connect different data sources, including Slack, Confluence, and Custom Database.


Custom Bots

You can create various bots, each having access to a selected part of your knowledge base. This allows you to tailor the search results for multiple departments or use cases.


GDPR Compliant

AskYourData is 100% GDPR compliant and meets strict data processing standards.

Use Cases

No matter your industry or department, AskYourData will help you streamline searching and processing information. Check out sample use cases:

Knowledge Management

Specify rules that comply with numerous internal policies across branches in multiple countries.

Customer & Agent Experience

Search through product specifics to answer customer queries faster.

Compliance & Regulations

Find criteria that will comply with multiple norms issued by different institutions.  

Start chatting with your data.